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Florida Keys Historical Sites

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Explore the History of the Florida Keys

Welcome to the Florida Keys Airbnb! Our slice of paradise is the perfect launching pad for your adventures into the rich history of the Florida Keys. The Keys are a treasure trove of historical sites, each preserving a unique piece of the region’s fascinating past. Here are some of the historical sites that we highly recommend to our guests.

Key West Historic District

Start your journey in the heart of Key West, the Key West Historic District. This area is home to well-preserved 19th-century architecture, colourful conch-style houses, and landmarks like the Key West Lighthouse and Keeper’s Quarters. This beacon of history first shone its light in 1848 and now serves as a museum, offering panoramic views atop its 88-step tower.

Maritime Museums

Given the Keys’ storied maritime past, visiting the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum and the Key West Shipwreck Museum is essential. At the Mel Fisher Museum, delve into the history of the rich Spanish galleon Atocha, brimming with gold, silver, and precious gems. At the Key West Shipwreck Museum, learn the tales of wreckers and recovered treasures from a 65-foot lookout tower.

Historic Military Fort

Next, visit the Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park, the Civil War-era fort that played a crucial role in both the American Civil and Spanish-American Wars. Wander through the well-preserved fort, tour the armaments, and enjoy a day by the beach located within the park.

Diving History

Underwater exploration forms an integral part of Keys history. Visit the History of Diving Museum to learn about humanity’s quest to explore under the sea, from early diving machines to modern scuba equipment.

State Parks and Nature

Explore the beautiful Bahia Honda State Park for a day of relaxing by the Gulf or Ocean. Then, step back in time at the Indian Key Historic State Park, an island that once bustled as a salvage village in the 1800s. At the Dry Tortugas National Park, visit the 19th century Fort Jefferson and take in the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding marine and bird life.

Museum and Nature Center

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit the Crane Point Museum and Nature Center in Marathon. It offers a glimpse into the Keys’ natural wonders and the culture of the native people who once inhabited the region.

Concluding Thoughts

The Florida Keys is much more than just a tropical getaway. It’s a place where history and natural beauty coexist, waiting to tell stories of the past. As your hosts in the Florida Keys, we strive to create a space for you to unwind, recharge, and immerse yourself in the unique history and culture of our beloved islands. We look forward to welcoming you to our Airbnb, where every moment of your stay promises to become a cherished memory.

For more information about our property or to get personalized recommendations about the best spots in the Florida Keys, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our passion for the Keys and commitment to our guests’ experience shines through in every interaction. We eagerly look forward to making your stay unforgettable.

Florida Keys Historical Sites

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